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 Show Only the Movement (Fastest)
 Show All Movement including the Movement Trail (Fast)
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 Show Only the Movement Solution - Pretty (Slowest)

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This maze generator and solver is unique in that it's solver is written in Javascript. Meaning it works in your browser without needing any other software. It also means you can look at the code to see how it is done. Please remember this code is proprietary and cannot be redistributed without permission.

Think you are a good maze solver? See if you can beat your computer! Unfortunately... the faster your computer, the harder it will be to beat.

* Be careful with the settings as changing the size, scale or speed can dramatically affect the performance of the maze solution as well as your computer.

** For those of you that are curious. BioPhorm's The Amazing Maze Race uses an adaptation of the left-turn rule, one of, if not, the most simple methods for solving a maze. Our solver simply attempts to turn left, if it cannot, it goes straight. If it cannot go straight, it turns right. If it cannot turn right, it goes back the way it came and starts the process all over again with a left turn. It is that simple!

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